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Why Hire the Robichaux Law Firm?

“Experience. Justice. Results.” The legal system is daunting. Legal problems are incredibly stressful. One poor result in a case can destroy a career, trigger a loss of basic civil rights, or impact an entire family. 

A dedicated and experienced attorney makes all the difference in the world to an individual facing charges or otherwise in need of legal assistance. 

With over 10 years of litigation and legal experience, the Robichaux Law Firm focuses on helping clients with criminal charges and civil claims. 

We pride ourselves on providing the basics to our clients: We care. We listen. We have the expertise needed to explain and handle complicated issues. And we fight.


Fed up with watching one mistake or mishandling of a case ruin a person's life or livelihood, former prosecutor Scott Robichaux founded the Robichaux Law Firm to advocate for those charged with a crime or those who have been harmed by catastrophic injury or by the criminal justice system itself. 

As a result, our clients are defended by a proficient litigator with over a decade's worth of experience in negotiation and trial practice, skills needed to navigate the system, and the drive to do what's right.

JUSTICE You Deserve.

Every person is different. An individual may want a case resolved as quickly as possible, while another needs to fight tooth and nail against charges or to preserve damages.

No matter the case, we ensure our clients are treated impartially, fairly, properly, and reasonably by the law.


And arrest or catastrophic injury is often one of the worst days of a person's life. Concern and stress about how the process will end typically arises as soon as the handcuffs are placed or the medical bills arrive. 

We know criminal charges and injuries are unique to each client, and we tailor a unique case and court strategy based on each client's needs. We respect our client's wishes and focus strictly on obtaining the best possible outcome for each and every person we represent. 

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When you find yourself or a loved one caught up in the legal system, you deserve an attorney who will listen, take time to understand your case, and fight for the best outcome.

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